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The Trutnov Region is a region of beautiful, picturesque, but also wild countryside, and that is why it justly ranks among the most beautiful and sought-after areas of the Czech Republic. 

The city of Trutnov lies in the valley of the mountain river Úpa and on the neighbouring hillocks, in the abundantly wooded foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains, which is an area of outstanding natural beauty and rich in historical sights. Thanks to its location and area, it forms the natural administrative catcment centre of the whole region of the eastern Krkonoše Mountains. It has about 32 thousand inhabitants, and thus it is the second largest city of the Hradec Králové Region after Hradec Králové.

The character of the countryside owes its shape to the meandering river Úpa, which has been a source of power for driving mills and first factories for many centuries, and from the start also performed the defensive function.

In the 12th century, a Slavic settlement was named after the river Úpa. During the reign of the last Přemyslid kings it was renamed into Trutnov by German colonists. The first written evidence of the city dates from 1260, the name of Trutnov first appeared in a document issued by King Václav II in 1301. Since the end of the 14th century, Trutnov was a dowry town of the Czech queens.

In the course of the last decade, Trutnov has undergone evident transformation. Its development can be proven by the completed reconstruction of the backbone roads with a number of new bridges, roundabouts, or construction of new parking areas, including modernization of the civil engineering networks.

Historical buildings and minor sights are being reconstructed, as well; care is being taken of the school exteriors and interiors.

Besides, new buildings are growing in the city.

Regeneration of the panel housing estates and children’s playgrounds is also in progress. Without a doubt, in terms of the significance and volume of investments the key construction in the city for several last decades has been the new theatre, as the new multifunctional cultural facility, the social centre Uffo, is called for short.

Trutnov is a member of the voluntary association of municipalities of the Eastern Krkonoše Region, and of the association of the Royal Dowry Towns. The city is also opening itself to Europe and the world. It is establishing and developing partner relationships with cities from the neighbouring countries – Slovakia, Poland and Germany.  

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