57. pl. Pokoju the column tomb

The tomb in the form of a broken column symbolizes the fragility of life and the transistoriness of things. The fluted column with the inscription was situated on the festoonery-decorated pedestal.


58. pl. Pokoju – the cross tomb

The tomb of Heinrich Schubert (died in 1920)- the author of numerous works about Swidnica’s history. The cross-shaped tomb with the rose sash hanged on it. Theslightly blurreddate of birth and death placed in the middle.


59. pl. Pokoju-the tureenon the gate

One of the three tourees surmounting the main gate leading to the Church of the Peace. The tureen was made in 1730. It is decorated with the angel head motif and acanthus leaves.


6. Rynek 8

In the pendentive of the late-renaissance portal puttas are depicted together with the symbols of death- the skull and the hourglass. The vanitas themes remind of the transistoriness of the world.


60. pl. Pokoju – the epitaph

The epitaph of Johann Heinrich Engler and his wife Ann Catherine (maiden name Valer). The epitaph was created in the first half of the 18th century. It is fulfilled with a whole palette of Baroque ornaments and a pair of chubby angels.


61. pl. Pokoju – the gargoyle

The Baroque temple’s gutter rifle is frontally decorated with the zoomorphic mascaron. Despite its unnatural shapes, the mascaron recalls associations with an aquatic creature.


62. pl. Pokoju – fittings

The graveyard lodging fence’s corner pinnacle made of metal and enwreathed with a spiral form. The transpicuous fence is created of modules with the plant-volute decoration.


63. ul. Kościelna 3 - A Black person

In the niche between the windowsof the first storey there is the wooden sculpture of a Black person dressed in the exotic outfit. In the past the groundfloor of the tenement house was occupied by the „Inn at the Black Man” (Gasthof zum Mohren).


64. ul. Kościelna 3

The facade covered with clinker bricks has the rich moulding decoration from 1895. The whole palette of Neo-Baroque ornaments surround the bust of the exoticly-looking woman.


65. ul. Księcia Bolka/ Komunardów

At the top of the tenement house’s turret there is a tin weathervane placed. It is made in a form of a cock surrounded by multiple-angle frame.


66. ul. Równa 11

The turret towering above the High School II building issurmounted with a weathervane. It is made in the form of the spike with floral ornament elements and an arrow pointing the wind direction.


67. ul. Niepodległości/8 maja

The transpicuous metal coping of the house corner bay is decorated with the weathervane in the form of a pennant with a date 1898.

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