90. ul. Wałbrzyska/ Pionierów Ziemi Świdnickiej

The detached penitential cross of the maltese type, made of granite. In the right arm and the stem part there can be derivative addendums observed.


91. ul. Traugutta 12

The crest shield supported by the two fantastic creatures decorated the enwreathing of Villa Klamroth’s cornice. The holders resemble the shape of lionesses with a snake-like tails topped with a fin.


92. ul. Trybunalska 10

The cartouche surrounded by a laurel wreath with the Masonic symbols inscribed- a trowel, a calipers, and a bevel. Above the tools there is an engraved date of 1853 visible.


93. The market square the fountain- the crest

A four-field crest of Swidnica decorates the Baroque fountain from 1732 made by George Leonard Weber- a sculptor form Swidnica.


94.The market squarethe fountain- The Order of the Golden Fleece

On the Baroque fountain (created at the place of a fromerly existing well) there can be observed the four-field foreman’s crest of the Swidnica- Jawor duchy- Hans Anton von Schaffgotsch decorated with the order of the Golden Fleece.


95. Market Square Fountain – the lion

One of the four crests placed on the stony pool of the Neptun’s fountain. It depicts the emblem of the Czech Royalty- the crowned lion, standing on the rear paws with a double tail.


96. Pl. Grunwaldzki 14 - The Court

Six medallions decorating the the window-sills of the District Court main building built in 1885. In the niches there are pictured the crests of the cities: Mieroszów, Wałbrzych, Świebodzice, Strzegom, Świdnica and Dzierżoniów.


97. ul. Jagiellońska/ Ks. Bolka

Above the windows of the second floor of the tenement house built in 1907 there are placed low reliefed cartouches decorated with the volute and pea ornaments and the motive of the rose blossom.


98. ul. Jagiellońska 15

The middle projection of the tenement house from the beginning of the 20th century is decorated with symetrically placed festons created with campanula overhangs.


99. ul. Jagiellońska 16

The secessionist portal of the corner tenement house built at the beginning of the 20th century is decorated with motifs typical for its era. Both on the left and right side of the door space there are leafy mascarons, and above the light there are thistle flowersdaintlybraided. The whole is enwreathed with the image of the owl. The three window panes was filled with a symetrical ornament of a plant flagellum. The low-reliefed grapevine gained the secessionist character.

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