68. ul. Długa 1

The helmet of the corner turret is enwreathed with the weathervane in the form of a simplified wind rose. Two crossing arrows point the main directions.


69. ul. Długa 1

In the keystone of the window there is presented the decorative motif taken from the Greek mythology.


7. Rynek 15

Polychromous renaissance low relief panel presents the ascension of the Christ. The pictured scene is inscribed: „Christ who died for the sins of this world, defeated the satan and was triumphing alive”.


70. ul. Długa 1

The abutments above the first floor windows are decorated with the motif of a medallion with the Hermes head (the god of merchants and the trade, wearing a hat with wings).


71. pl. Jana Pawła II

A little basilisk is a part of the gothic sculpture group of St. Anna Samotrzecia from 1496, what is mentioned on the inscription on the ribbon. In the medieval times the basilisk was identified with the evil, even with the devil.


72. pl. Jana Pawła II

The Gothic cantalever carrying the groin ribs of the southern aisle vault is decorated with the sceene of the expulsion of Adam and Eve form the paradise. The first people are separated with the image of the Tree of Knowledge around which the snake is writhing.


74. pl. Jana Pawła II

The Portal of the Bride, created about 1830, placed on the cathedral northern elevation. It is decorated with sculpture pairs of Aristotle and Filis, and of Samson and Dalily. The sculptures are placed in the cantalevers.


75. pl. Jana Pawła II

The Gothic imagination of the devil on the cantalever supporting the groin ribs of the crypt vault comming form the first half of 14th century. The image of the devil here is pictured in a really frivolous way.


76. pl. Jana Pawła II

The Gothic cantalever with a sandstone low relief of the Saracen image decorates the interior of the crypt. The character’s head is tightly covered with a fabric. The tree holes in the character’s nose attract attention.


77. ul. Wrocławska 80

In the keystone of the entrance gate to the buildings of the former Styrius Mill appear the mason symbols: calipers, a triangle and a gear.


78. pl. Jana Pawła II

The Gothic cantalever carrying the voult groin ribs of the southern nave is decorated with the sceen of the fight of Samson against the Lion. Samson’s body is whole covered with hair- it aimed to highlight the force he had thanks to letting them grow withut cutting.


79. pl. Jana Pawła II

The Renaissance epitaph embeded in into the Cathedral northern facade depicts crucified Christ. Under the cross there are pictured the members of the founder family: Mathias Tschinder with Anna Freund and Sebastian Tschinder with Eva Beck.

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