143. ul. Lelewela 22

The mascaron with a female face in the shawl decorates the bay ogee cantalever of the tenement house from 19th century.


144. pl. Jana Pawła II

The cantalever of the trisupport vault get the form of polychromous Christ face. It is the decoration of the Sachenkirch Chapel adhered to the church southern nave.


15. Rynek 30

On the facade in the central point of the tenement house there is placed the relief with the image of an elephant. This picture is related to the existance of the colonial shop in the first half of the 19th century. The owner of it was Mende.


16. Rynek 31

Three floors of the classical facade holds fluted pilasters of the great order wreathed with composite chapiters. The chapiters are decorated with a volute and a floral ornament.


17. Rynek 32

„Tenement house at eagles” owes its name to the decoration finely worked in the parget. The voultes of the capitols are wing-shaped. Eagles’ heads are sticking out between the wings. Above the entrance to the tenement house there is placed a stone head of a man with a bushy beard. The sculpture has the Renaissance stylistic features.


18. Rynek 33

In the left end of the tenement house on the cantalever the figure of St. Paul is placed together with his attributes- a sword and an open book. The sculpture is located under a 14th century ciborium wreathed with a pinnacle with crocquets and a finial. Gothic picture of the saint was replaced with a copy after 1929.


19. Rynek 33

In the right end of the tenement house on the low relief cantalever the gothic figure of St. Peter is placed together with his attributes- a key and a closed book. The sculpture is located under a finely decorated 14th century ciborium.


2. Łukowa 2/ Kotlarska

Low reliefgothiccantalever embed in the quoin of the house. It depicts the scene of the fight of the knight with the griffin. It refers to the Swidnica’s legend about the basilisk prowling in the cellar of the tenement house.


20. Rynek 34

Ogival gothic portal has been held by baroque pilasters at the beginning of the 18th century. The whole is wrethed with a segmental cornice. Above the arcade profiling two gothic armorial shields are placed in the heraldic bow. The crest of the Czech kingdom in the left side and in the right the crest of the Świdnica- Jwor dukedom


21. Rynek 35

Piano nobile of the baroque facade was asserted with moulding decoration above the window. The motifs of a laurel wreath and a shell surrounded by ribbon ornament.


22. Rynek 36

The hump of the axis on the middle tenement house enforces the dynamics and looses the incomplete symetry od the elevation. On the third floor of the central axis the image of tenement house’s owner is located in the area above the the window.


23. Rynek 37/ Muzeum Dawnego Kupiectwa

The baroque town hall portal was made by Christoph Hampel in 1720. On the railing of the balcony there is placed the cartouche with a four-field crest of Swidnica given by Władysław Pogrobowiec.

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