35. ul. Muzealna

The renaissande castle portal is flanked by the pilasters decorated with the candelabrum ornament with crests broided in. On the left side there is the crest of the chancellor of the Swidnica- Jawor duchy- dr Franz Grimm and on the right his wife’s crest.


36. ul. Muzealna 4 / Żeromskiego

Quaint dwarfs are the element of the decoration of „Morys Ruch” tenement house built in 1892 by the engineer Carl Moris. Fairy creatures were there to guard the miners.


37. ul. Muzealna 4 / Żeromskiego

In the richly decorated niche the full-bofy sculpture picturing the fully uniformed foreman. It refers to the occupation of the first owner of the tenement house- Carl Moris.


38. Basztowa 2

St. Barbara’s Church was founded in 1500 by Johan Sachenkirch and his wife Veronica. On the side of the themple there are two low reliefs made in 1513 depicting St. Barbara and St. Catherine.


39. M. Konopnickiej 4

The decoration of the headstall above the window of the first floor north elevation, in the form of the anthropomorficly shaped mascaron. The mask is surrounded with a volute ornament.


4. Rynek 7

The tenement house „At the Golden Crown” has a baroque elevation where two crowns can be found. The first one made in parget is supported by two puttas at the axis of the facade, the second tin one in the tympanum enwreathing the portal. Up untill 1945 the hotel „At the Golden Crown” functioned here.


40. M. Konopnickiej 4

In the key stone of the window opening there is a lion imitating a knocker. The image of the animal plays apothropaic roles.


41. ul. Komunardów 4 – apteka

Both of the elevations of the angular tenement house were given the symetricly placed rectangular plaquettes. Neo-Barogue cartouches are flanked by the characters holding attributes of trade, knowledge, transport and work.


42. ul. Komunardów

The border stone made of sandstone with the initial letters FR and a number 59a engraved on. It marked the border of Frederic fortess in 1747 to 1762 in Swidnica. It is located by the entrance to the Youth Park.


43. Komunardów 9

Above the edifice a full plastic sculpture is towering. It depicts Nike- the mytholohical winged goddes of the victory.


44. Kolejowa 21/ Komunardów

The low relief Medusa’s head surrounded by a laurel wreath integrated into the niche above the window. According to the mythology, the youngest of the three gorgons with a head encircled with writhing snakes instead of hair


45. Komunardów/ Księcia Bolka 4

The secessionist facade of the tenement house built in 1907 is decorated with symetrically placed figures of Hermes and Urania.

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