132. ul. Śląska – stacja trafo

The transformer station put into service in 1925 is topped with a weathervane. It is made in the form of tin cut wild boar placed on a pole.


133. ul. Grodzka 4

The first floor window panes of the tenement house from the beginning of the 20th century are decorated with low-reliefed images of a woman and a man. In the window arcade keystone on the left side there is a cross sign and an open book and on the right side there are mining signs: an iron and a gear.


134. ul. Westerplatte- kościół

The portal settled in the gorund floor of the three-storey tower gained the classicist appearance after the rebuilt in the 1865- 1868. The keystone of the portal is decorated with the image of a crucified Christ’s head.


135. ul. Bohaterów Getta 20

In the tenement house’s keystone of the window frame there is the jewlery ornament in the form of oval cabochon and a little rout framed in ferrule elements.


136. ul. Bohaterów Getta 22

The portal od the magnificent rental house from 1894 is decorated with figures of two puttos covered with a grapevine and a drapery. In the top part above the fanlight there is the cartouche with Masonic symbols: a trowel, a hammer and a triangle.


137. ul. Kościelna 5

The second floor window decoration of the tenement house from 1730 in the form of a cartouche with the W initial with a gier cornice.


138. ul. Kościelna 9

In the central axis of the Baroque tenement house there is a ride-through corridor portal located. In the portal there is a cartouche with the date of 1738, decorated with volutes and angel heads motif.


139. ul. Wałbrzyska 1

The secessionist tenement house from 1905 where on the pseudorisalit there is a bakers crest visible held with a pair of crowned lions standing their rear paws.


14. Rynek 29

The baroque relief reminds of the tavern existing here till 1820. Above the image of the goose there is the inscription saying that God takes care of this house and it is named „At the Golden Goose”.


140. Portal – Muzeum Dawnego Kupiectwa

Late Gothic two-armed portal leading to the Councillor Room. In the lintel there is the inscription „A happy city which is affraid of the wars in the time of peace”


141. pl. Jana Pawła II

The covered head of a bearded man is embeded to the external wall of the Marian Chapel. It is the image of the legendary cathedral builder.


142. pl. Jana Pawła II

The sculpture placed in the brick buttress niche of the cathedral wall depicts the putto sitting on a skull. This figure is a reference to the death motive. It reminds of the trasistoriness of things.

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