8. Rynek 15

Polychromous renaissance low relief panel presentsthe scene of the Last Judgement. Above there is the inscription saying „When the trunks give the last signal to the ascension, our bodies will stand in front of the God’s throne.


80. pl. Jana Pawła II

The John Paul’s II sculpture, supernatural in size, made by Jarosław Wójcik- a Kashubian artist. The sculpture was displayed in 8th May 2014.


81. ul. Pułaskiego 7

The two commemorative stones founded in 1791 by F. Muller- a writer from Swidnica. On the stones there appears the latin caption regarding the peace in the whole world that is the reason of the rulling ones glory.


82. ul. Pułaskiego 69

After numerous reconstructions the Baroque tenement house’s facade gained the Neo-Baroque look. The winged putto’s head in the headstall above the first floor window is the dominant element of the decoration.


83. ul. Wrocławska

The low relief of the Noble man decorating the entrance to the Zagłoba’s Inn is a reffernece to the old traditions of this place. Till the end of the II world war the Gasthof Zum Grünen Krebs was run here. After the war in 1968 the Zagłoba’s Inn was founded and took its place.


84. ul. Warszawska 12

On the axis of the building comming form the 20th century, right above the portal there is placed the low relief refering to the German mythology. The charcter of the king is the image of Odin- the god of war and wisdom.


85. The Central Park

The monument of Wieland by Dorothea von Philippsborn. Displayed in 28th October 1922 at the Grunwald square (nowadays it is placed in the Central Park). The monument depicts Wieland- a talented smith and a cruel avenger form German mythology.


86. CentralPark- the bridge

The first bridge made of reinforced concrete in Swidnica, made in 1911 by Dittmar Wolfsohn & Co. Decorated with the two cartouches on wchich there are placed the two crests- of Swidnica and of Prussia Kingdom.


87. pl. 1000-lecia Państwa Polskiego

The tureen on the corner of the cornice crowning the Bank building built between 1902 and 1903. The tureen is decorated with the motifs of rosettes and palmettes.


88. al. Niepodległości 19

The archivolts of the tenemet house’s sandstone portal are decorated with the plant ornament in the form of a chestnut leaf. In the past, the portal elements were polychromous.


89. ul. Lelewela 5

The woman’s bust surrounded by a shawl and a feather fan decorates the third storey of the tenement house built in 1895.


9. Rynek 20

The owner of the tenement house Paul Kinzel used to run a colonial shop on the ground floor. The decoration of the top refers to this fact: a cupid steering a boat with a sails (a vessel here is a symbol of the trade) filled with goods to capacity, sailing through the rough sea.

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