46. Komunardów 12

The motif of a stylized female head decorated the rosette placed into the polygonal niche right above the classicist portal of the 19th century tenement house.


47. Sikorskiego 11

In the niches of the building’s first storey figures of the nine Olympian muses are presented there. Terpsichore- the muse of dance and singing on the left, and Calliope- the muse of poetry on the right.


48. Sikorskiego 11

Rectangular aedicula of the second floor is decorated with the plant ornament in the form of garland weaved of flowers, fruit and ribbons.


49. Sikorskiego/ Tołstoja 2

The figure of goddess Fortune holding the horn of plenty- the symbol of wealth, happines and abundance there is located in the the second storey aedicula of the 19th century villa.


5. Rynek 8

In the niche above the late-renaissanceportal there is placed a gold-plated figure of the urbanite. The tenement house has already held the label „At the Golden Peasant”. This name comes the historic mentionings and the legend about the greedy councillor.


50. Sikorskiego/ Tołstoja 2

The compillation of the two motifs- putta and the double-tailed mermaid is pictured at the three semicitcular fields, placed above the arcade entrance to the villa, right above the windows of the second storey.


51. ul. Franciszkańska 9

An anchor was placed on the first floor cantalever till the end of 60’s of 20th century. Later it was replaced for a modern sculpture showing the deformed male bust.


52. ul. Franciszkańska Street Square

The herd of wild boars is a bronze cast made by Grzegorz Łagowski, the project of Aleksander Mazij. Mounted on 25th April 2014. The sculpture pictures an adult wild boar with five piglets gathered around the coffer with the Swidnica’s crest.


53. ul. Franciszkańska 18

The antrophomorphic mask on the Baroque portal of the Krzeszów Cistercians Palace main entrance. The decoration stylistic features indicate the autorship of Georg Leonard Weber- a sculptor from Swidnica.


54. ul. Franciszkańska 18

The portal key stone of the Krzeszów Cistercians Palace is decorated with the Piast eagle forged around 1950.


55. Żeromskiego 11-13

Four sandstone figures showing the activities related to the press process situated in the central part of the modernistic building. In the past it was the printing house and the Berglandhause press headquarters.


56. pl. Pokoju – the tomb with a helmet

The tripartite tomb of Müller family with the central axis accented by triangular coping of the damaged sculpture.

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