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120. Rynek 17

On the pilasters of the central axis of the tenement house built in 1910 there are pictured the Hermes’s heads in the convex relief. Heros is shown in the traveller’s hat with wings, so called petasos.


121. Rynek 13

The tenement house „At the Angel’s Greeting” gained the new name thanks to the low relief of the angel placed in the medallion at the top of the neo-renaissance elevation.


122. Rynek 21

Above the glass bay of the first floor there is placed the metal figure of a basilisk. The legendary monster as a guardian of the treasures can me associated with the job of one of the former tenement house’s owners- a goldsmith.


123. Rynek 41

In the central part of the scecond storey of „The House of Clothiers there is placed the cartouche with a crest of the Czech Kingdom, worked in the plaster. The tenement house’s facade gained the Baroque decor after the rebuilt in 1706.


124. ul. R. Traugutta 1

The corner turret roof of the tenement house enwreathed with a transparent ending with WK initials and a vane with a date of 1890.


125. ul. Traugutta 2

The console supporting the central axis risalit of the tenement house from 19th century is decorated with the volutes in the form of magnificent acanthus leaf and the motif of lion’s head flowered with a rose garland.


127. ul. R. Traugutta 6

The balcony above the portal of the tenement house from 19th century is supported by two figures of muscular telamons.


128. ul. Długa 26

The rebuilt in 1714 elevation was given the modest Baroque portal above which there is a medallion with Swidnica’s crest placed.


129. ul. Franciszkańska1 /Grodzka

The corner great rental house built at the beginning of 20th century had the decoration with trade motives. In the all three window panes of the first floor there is a crest depicting a ship with full sails filled with goods. It is placed among grapevines.


13. Rynek 27

The Hahn family crest. They were famous for practising and promoting the hydrotherapy- water treatment. The animal in the crest can be interpreted in two ways: either as a cock- as the direct recalling of the family name or as a common moorhen- a water bird refering to the specialization connected to water.


130. ul. Kolejowa 4

-In the third floor window panes of the tenemet house from 1902 there are shown the female and male profiles facing each other. They are shown in the renaissance stylistics. -In the corner of the tenement house in the ground floor part there is the risalit support in the form of a tree with a brachiate treetop. In the fomer years in this tenement house there was the Hotel Under The German Oak.


131. ul. Kotlarska

On the gier cornice of the Baroque portal there are located the sandstone figures of Saints: Augustine with a book, Joseph with the holy infant Jesus and Ursula with an arrow.

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