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1.Łukowa 2/Kotlarska

The gothic figure from the last quarter of the XIV century of St. John the Baptist, one of the patrons saint of Swidnica. The original wooden sculpture is placed in the Musem of Former Tradespeople, and its accurate copy is located on the building.


10. Rynek 20

Initial letters PK placed on the cartouche wreathed with the Hremes's the god of merchants head immortaised Paul Kinzel- the owner of the tenement house who gave the new secessionist decor to the elevation.


100. ul. Główna 4

In the central part of the building built in twenties of 20th century, right above the modest portal there is placed the ceramic human-shaped low relief holding a stylus in its right hand. In the lower part there is a signature DUBOIS visible.


101. ul. Równa – II High School

The column with the square basis decorated the main entrance of the building currently occupied by the II High School. Every each wall is divided with the cornice creating four lodgings fulfilled with symbols of Zodiac signs. On one of the lodging there can be observed a signature DVBOIS.


102. ul. Trybunalska 7

The three cantalevers with carved and polychromous images of Heracles support vestigial elements of the shop windshield. Heros is dressed in the Nemean lion’s fur, one of his attributes.


103. ul. Westerplatte 2

The cartouche with the millers craft emblem is supported by the figures of the two lions standing on their rear paws. On the four- field shield there are pictured a calipers and a bevel, a mill wheel, a gear and rollers. The ribbon with dates of 1568, 1843, 1908 visible below.


104. Długa 37

Well-preserved semiround archivolt is decorated alternately with longer and shorter routs. In the portal sails there is the date 1573 placed and the two cartouches- on the left side with HM initial letters, on the right side with the sign of bakery master Hans Müller.


105. pl. 1000- lecia Państwa Polskiego 2

The portal fanlights of the tenement house built in 1913 is decorated with figures of grifiins standing on their rear paws. They play the holders role to support


106. pl. Wolności, Dobromierz

The Baroque sculpture of st. John of Nepomuk in Dobromierz founded by Ferdinand von Nimptch in 1728. After the preservation it was moved to the Freedom Square (plac Wolności).


107. ul. Rycerska, Bolków

The sculpture of st. John of Nepomuk form 1724 founded by Johannes Jeseph Strickelflus situated next to the entrance to the St. Jadwiga’s Church in Bolków.The saint pictured in 18th century outfit of a canon together with his attributes: a crucifix and a martyr palm.


108. ul. Św. Jana Nepomucena, Krzeszów

The sculpture od st. John of Nepomuk from 1736 situated on a balustrade above the middle pillar of the stony 18th century bridge on the river Zdarna in Krzeszów. St. Jonh of Nepomuk was the patron saint of a proper confession, he was supposed to protect from the flood and also a draught.


109. ul. W. Łukasińskiego

On the brick elevation between the windows there are placed the four modern low reliefs. They are the allegories provided with captions: ARBEIT- work, HANDEL- trade, WISSENSCHAFT- knowledge, VERKEHR- transport.

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