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11. Rynek 25

The biggest decoration of the „Hochbergs' tenement” is the baroque balcony portal. The balcony palate is decorated with a relief of a gauffered ribbon motif.


110. ul. Równa 3

Above the entrance to the tenement house there is situated the reneissance stony low relief depicting the lion which holds a ball in his paws. The placement of the animal image in this certain place emphasizes its apotropaic function.


111. Rynek 37

The frieze under the cornice crowning the Baroque protrusion is decorated by the module plant ornament. The northern wall of the town hall was extended with the protrusion after a great wild fire in 1716.


112. ul. Rzeźnicza 2

The building of the former City Abattoir built in 1891 is decorated with heads of a ram, a pig and a bull placed in medallions.


113. Rynek 23

Triangular window frontons of the first floor on the neo- classicist 19th century elevation are decorated with a plant motif. Right above them in the window panes od the second floor there are placed the festons symetrically braced from laurel leaves.


114. ul. Niepodległości 4

The pilaster flanking the portal of the tenement house from 19th century is decorated with a symetrical arabesque with the use of leafy mascaron motif, horns of plenty and a child’s head.


115. ul. Niepodległości 12

The cartouche is decorated with pincerlike- scrollwork ornament with MO initial letters on the corner bay of the tenement house built in 1886.


116. pl. Grunwaldzki – the post office

The left cantalever of the first floor window located above the main entrance to the post office building is decorated with a motif of the post horn and the oak leaf. The used ornaments emphasize the functions of the permises rebuilr in 1907.


117. pl. Grunwaldzki 2

The monunmental tenement house’s fronton is decoraed with the image of Hermes in the medallion. On the both sides there are the caduceuses placed- the symbols of trade and peace.


118. Rynek 14

In the center of the facade there is the crest cartouche with a date of 1572 placed together with the image of a pigeon holding a tiwg. The depicted bird is a refernce to the family surname von Teuber.


119. Rynek 16

The relief shows the ship with full sails- the symbol if trade and tradespeople. The decoration is captioned with the initial letters of the former tenement house’s owner- Oscar Goldmann.


12. Rynek 26

Low relief stony cartouche decorated with fitted ornament with a polychromous image of the vessel and the date 1614. The golden ship is a reference to the tenement house owner’s- a pharamacist Jakob Schiff surname which translated form German language means „a ship/ a vessel”.

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